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Research Interests

Modeling of immature virus capsids

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Interaction between influenza virus A and lung surfactant proteins



  1. Elucidation of Lipid Binding Sites on Lung Surfactant Protein A Using X-ray Crystallography, Mutagenesis, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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  3. Computational Methodologies for Real-space Structural Refinement of Large Macromolecular Complexes
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    Cover article

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    Cover article

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    Top 10 most downloaded articles as of April 2016

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    Top 10 most downloaded articles as of Aug 2015

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    Featured in the book Glycobiology and Human Diseases on page 101-105.

  21. The Mechanism of Antiparallel β-sheet Formation based on Conditioned Self-Avoiding Walk
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    Cover article


  • Computational Modeling of the Immature Retroviral Lattice
  •     Biophysical Society 60th Annual Meeting, 2016, Los Angeles, California (poster)
        Structural Biology Related to HIV/AIDS, 2015, Bethesda, Maryland (abtract selected for talk)
        Beckman Institute Graduate Student Seminar, 2015, Urbana, Illinois (talk)
        Annual Meeting of the Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions, 2015, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (poster)
        Bioinformatics Institute Seminar, 2015, A*STAR, Singapore (invited talk)
        Physics and Applied Physics Seminar, 2015, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (talk)
        Capsid club seminar, 2014, Indiana University, Indiana (invited talk)
        Structural Biology Related to HIV/AIDS, 2014, Bethesda, Maryland (poster)
        CPLC/BIOP Graduate Student/Postdoc Symposium, 2014, Urbana, Illinois (talk)
        Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium, 2014, Urbana, Illinois (poster)

  • Development of Antibody-Like Binders for Rapid Ebola Infection Screening Guided by Computer-Aided Design and Biomolecular Simulations
  •     Targeting Ebola - Recent Advances and Strategies, 2015, Institut Pasteur, Paris (poster)

  • Unraveling the Dual Role of Surfactant Protein A at Atomistic Detail
  •     Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland (poster)
        Frontiers in Membrane Protein Structural Dynamics, 2014, Chicago, Illinois (poster)

  • Capsid-locking Mechanism in the Maturation of a T=4 Virus
  •     XXIII Biennial Conference on Phage/Virus Assembly, 2013, Lake Arrowhead, California (poster)

  • Mechanism of Interaction between Lung Surfactant Protein-D and Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin
  •     Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting, 2013, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (poster)
        Biophysical Society 56th Annual Meeting, 2012, San Diego, California (poster)

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  • Case study: Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus Explore the interesting properties of a simple virus.
  • VMD image making tutorial (video) (required files [.vmd, 24k]).
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  • Interactive MDFF Online Tutorial (video) (required tutorial files [.tar.gz, 2.9M] [.zip, 536K], individual files).
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