New Version of BioCoRE server

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Tue Nov 05 2002 - 15:57:37 CST

We've released a new version of the BioCoRE server to the TB group.
Changes include:

* New Feature!:A WebDAV module is now in beta testing for access to the
BioCoRE filesystem. To access this on our main server, point your
WebDAV client to: (sk).
More information including documentation, to follow.

* VMD Saved States:DCD and PSF files can now be saved and loaded from
saved states. The DCD and PSF files exist in the BioFS just as with PDB
files (mb).

* VMD Saved States:The TK windows that are being added to VMD to handle
saving and loading states from BioCoRE can now be expanded without
looking bad (mb).

* Control Panel:User's own chats are now slightly lighter than others
to help identify them (mb).

* Administrators of a project can now designate other members as admins
via a link on the Utilities page (mb).

* Notebook:The page for adding a new entry now has a 'Cancel' button (mb).
* Create Project:Fixed a small bug that was causing the first check box
to be slightly larger than the rest, and also changed the colors to use
the user defined colors instead of always using green (mb).

* Lab Book:Fixed a bug that, in specific cases, was causing clicking on
'Add New Entry' to take you to the page to add a new 'Message Board'
message instead of a Lab Book entry (mb).

* Notebook:Removed 'chat' entries from search results. This 'chat' is
an old chat system that BioCoRE used. Control Panel chats are still
searchable (mb).

* Job Management:Removed a message that stated that BioCoRE doesn't
upload files, since it now has that capability (rb).

* VMD Saved States:Fixed a web page presentation bug that was causing
two lists of saved states to show (mb).

* Fixed some grammatical typos in the mail messages that were getting
sent when a user deleted themselves from a project (mb).

* Notebook:Fixed a problem with entering less than and greater than
symbols in notebook messages (mb).

* Revised the email that gets sent to users requesting a new
password so that the URL link that it includes for BioCoRE takes
them to the 'change password' page (kv).

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