biocore-l: Recent changes to the BioCoRE server at TCB

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 16:03:27 CST

Recent changes to the BioCoRE server that we are operating at TCB.

  * Revised the ordering of the modules so that the Documents section
  appears at the top, and then Workbench and Notebook. Also revised
  the ordering of items on the summary page. This will hopefully
  reduce confusion.

  * Fixed a bug that could occur if a user set a default project and then
  made that project "hidden".
  * Fixed a bug that was causing some of the BioFS windows to open
  new windows as a result of their action. Now, it uses the existing window,
  rather than opening a new one.

  * Fixed some bugs that were limiting file upload size.
  * WebDAV: Added concurrency capabilities which should make access faster.
  * Removed the little checkbox that was appearing in the header
  of the BioFS listings since it doesn't do anything in that context.

Summary Page:
  * Fixed a bug that was causing minimization and maximization
  of sections to not work correctly for some users.
  * Added (Shared Filesystem) to incidents of "BioFS" to
  make the purpose of the BioFS more clear.

Control Panel:
  * Small synchronization tweak to see if it fixes the
  problem of the disappearing user list.
  * Fixed a bug that was causing the 'You've Got A Message'
  sound to play shortly after midnight in certain situations.
  * Added an html table around message text to help with browsers
  that don't seem to wrap properly.

VMD Launching:
  * fixed a problem with launching VMD from Mac OS X.

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