biocore-l: New BioCoRE Release

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 16:07:27 CST

Earlier this week, the BioCoRE team released a major upgrade of the BioCoRE
server and we would like to invite you to log in and try it out if you
haven't already done so.

You can log in from the standard BioCoRE page at:

Note: If you haven't ever logged in, you will want to set up Java WebStart
for the Control Panel. Instructions on this are located at:

Among some of the changes:

* The interface has received a major overhaul. You'll instantly notice
    that BioCoRE looks different.
* Polls: BioCoRE now supports polls and quizzes. Project administrators (or
    others, if permission has been given) can pose questions for project
    members. Polls are set up via the web pages, and, at the appointed
    starting time, user's Control Panels pop up a box asking the question.
* Control Panel: greatly reduced startup times. The very first time you
    start the control panel via webstart it might take a bit longer because
    it is downloading a few additional data files from the server (a one time
* Control Panel: Private chats are now organized by user, into their own
* Control Panel: Google searches can be performed by saying
    /google search terms.
* Control Panel: The control panel can perform math by saying
    /math 3 + 2.
* WebDAV support: largely rewritten; more error cases are now handled.
* The NAMD Configuration File Generator is no longer a java applet. It is
    now pure HTML and can be viewed by anyone with a reasonably modern
    web browser.
* BioCoRE web pages are now themed via a preference in the utilities
    section. There are currently several themes available, and users are
    invited to submit new themes. Creation instructions are available.

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