biocore-l: Recent Changes to the BioCoRE Server at TCB

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 12:58:02 CDT

Since I last sent out a note detailing changes back in June...

     * Control Panel: Pasting into the chat entry field now preserves
line breaks.
     * Control Panel: Clicking on Project | Documents | BioFS now takes
you to the top level folder for the project. Before, it took you to the
overall top level folder.
     * Control Panel: When typing a URL into the chat field, added the
ability to specify the text to show, as well as the URL itself. Before,
you could say something like Go to to check it
out, and it would look like:

Go to to check it out

       Now, you can say Go to [ our site] to
check it out and you will see:

Go to our site to check it out

     * Control Panel Scripting: Added in the ability to parse XML
strings within scripts. For an example use case, refer to the script in the BioCoRE Help (Public) project. A DOMElement is
returned, which has methods such as: getName(), getText(), getAttribute()

    * BioFS: Accessing /biocore/biofs via a web browser was causing a
technical fault. This has been fixed and now displays a list of public
projects. When you click on a public project, you will be taken to the
home page for the public project if one has been set up by the project
     * BioFS: Revised 'new directory' code to reload the folder view so
that the user can see the newly created folder.
     * BioFS: Fixed a bug that was causing an error if a person that
isn't logged in tries to go to /biocore/biofs/ in their web browser.
     * BioFS:Fixed a bug that was causing problems when uploading to a
user's /Private directory.
     * BioFS:The web interface is more tolerant of filenames with non
alphanumeric characters now.

     * Notebook: Fixed a bug that was allowing a user to delete other's
entries when they shouldn't have been able to.
     * TCL Api:Fixed a problem with parsing of curly braces when saving
notebook entries.
     * Utilities:Fixed a error page that was showing up if a user tried
to remove themself from a project that they had already been removed from.

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