biocore-l: Latest Changes To The BioCoRE Server

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 10:15:35 CST

Recent Major Changes to the BioCoRE server at UIUC since October:

* Job Management: Added in an option to delete jobs that have been

* Control Panel:Added an experimental internal web browser for the
Control Panel. You are far better off using your favorite external web
browser (like firefox) because it has the latest web features. But if,
for whatever reason, you can't get the external browser to work you can
choose to use the internal browser by selecting it under the Help menu.

* Control Panel:Experimental file downloading via the Control Panel. If
you go to File | Browse BioFS and choose a file, it will actually be
downloaded to your local system (if you are on unix). It currently
places the file in /tmp/file. That's the name of the downloaded file.
Clearly, a better interface needs to be built for this to be useful.
I've had this capability in for some time and decided to go ahead and
release it as is.

* BioFS: When you upload a file via the web page, you should get an
upload dialog telling you how the upload is proceeding. For small files
and fast connections, you might not even notice it. But, for long
uploads on slow connections, it should be very helpful. We've had
several cases in the past where I think that users were canceling out of
the upload because they thought that things had hung/frozen. Hopefully
this will help reduce these occurrences.

* Control Panel:Added support for bold, italics, and color in the
Control Panel. Use <b></b> for bold text, <i></i> for italics, and <font
color=COLOR></font> for color, where COLOR can be either a hex color
code like #FF000 or a Java color constant like "red" or "blue".

* Revised the format of the .biocoreSession file that is written by the
Control Panel in the user's home directory. This affects users who are
using the BioCoRE API. If you are using the API, please download and
install the latest version of the API, which supports the new format.

* Various bug fixes, of course. You can always see the complete list of
updates at

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