NAMD and dual core Opterons, thoughts?

From: Dow Hurst (
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 11:36:02 CDT

Are there any caveats with running NAMD on the new dual core Opterons
that someone might think of? We are looking at a new cluster purchase
that was originally 20 dual nodes with 248 Opterons and the Ammasso 1100
interconnect. Now we have an option of 14 nodes with dual core 275
Opterons and the Ammasso 1100 interconnect. AMBER, VMD, and CHARMM are
listed as applications on the amd site that will work within the "AMD
Ecosphere" of processors. (Don't you just love corporate advertising
lingo?) I don't see any problems myself but wondered if anyone has
comments since NAMD is a parallel application.

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