How to create psf for carbohydrate

From: jas theway (
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 19:02:13 CST

Hello, all.
        I would like to create psf for carbohydrate such as cellutetraose. I got topology file for CSFF. It doesn't seem to work: the new psf and pdb do not look like any glucose units at all. I tried with the following script
 package require psfgen
         topology CSFF_top.inp
         segment A {pdb 1ece_cellutetraose.pdb}
         coordpdb 1ece_cellutetraose.pdb A
         writepdb new.pdb
         writepsf new.psf
 Could anyone please tell me the right way to generate psf for carbohydrate?
 Please help to modify the script. Thank you.

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