Re: IMD-host name-port number-connection problem.

From: rakesh... (
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 08:26:02 CST

Hi all,
  I forgot to mention the operating system in my previous question. Iam not using Windows. Iam using SuSe Operating system ( popular in Europe).
  Please give me some suggestion to stop this connection problem between VMD and NAMD. ( i have attached my previous mail down here)
  Thanking you,
"rakesh..." <> wrote:
    Hi all,
>From past one week, Iam not able to connect VMD to NAMD to run Interactive Molecular Dynamics for my system. It always shows the same error : " Unable to connect to host localhost on port number ****"
I have tried with many port numbers. But still, no change.
It'll be great if someone can provide solution for this problem.
Thanking you,

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