DCD file

From: Ayse Ozlem Sezerman (asezerman_at_su.sabanciuniv.edu)
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 02:09:40 CDT

Hello to Everyone,

I am a new user of NAMD. I have done several simulations and now I want to
calculate the RMSDs.

But when I load the psf file and then the dcd file to VMD , no molecule appears
in the openGL display. It seems to be loaded when I look at C:\ VMD 1.8.4
window but the molecule doesnot appear on the display.

Also when I try todo the tcl script for RMSD as it is given in the manual, it
does not perform.

Does someone know what could it be?

Thanks alot


MSc.Material Sci. and Eng.

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