Building for SunGrid

From: Jonathan D. Proulx (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 09:05:38 CDT

Hi All,

I'm a sysadmin at the MIT Comp Sci And Artificial Intelligence Lab
<> we recently recieved a 100k cpu hour
research grant on Sun Microsystems's SunGrid <>.

I'm coordinating the allocation of these hours to our researchers and
and generally helping facilitate usage. Part of this is getting NAMD
built and configured for one of the groups. THough we've been gaining
more and more computational biologists over the past couple years this
is my first foray into NAMD.

The SunGrid is built on bare bones Solaris10 systems running on
AMD64. This target doesn't seem to be supported "off the shelf"
though there's a Solaris-i686 target in the source. Has anyone built
for Solaris-amd64?

The other issue is the nodes cannot be counted on to have much (well
anything) in the way of libraries and such like, is there any gotchas
lurking around there or can I just link it statically and copy the
binary and data onto the nodes and have it run correctly?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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