VND provides a range of features to assist the viewing and exploration of a model neuronal system and simulation results. This page contains a gallery of images which exemplify some of these features.

Example Features

Per-representation neuron counts. When search queries are used to create graphical representations, the number of neurons in each representation is displayed.

Compartment time series animation GUI. Two example time frames are shown, along with the color scale in use.

Hierarchical tree view of model. The organization of the loaded model is displayed: files, populations, and groups. All elements of the tree view are expandable/collapsible, and are clickable to directly help construct search queries.

Bar scale, side ruler, and grid overlays. For illustration here, the center of the grid overlay is magnified to show the fine grid lines. When a user is zooming around a large model system, the overlays dynamically change, providing a continuous sense of relative size from a complete system down to details of individual cells.