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From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 16:38:14 CST

Recent changes that have occurred on our local server:

   February 26, 2003

    * Control Panel:Beta Feature: Tabs can be turned on or off now via a
      checkbox on the summary page. If a new message comes in on a hidden
      tab, it will cause itself to appear (rb).
    * Fixed some typos in email that is sent to new project members (mb).
    * Fixed a bug that was causing project deletions to not work properly
    * VMD Saved States:Fixed a bug that was causing users to not be properly
      warned if they tried to save a state with a local file (mb).
    * Revised the number of entries that show up in the Control Panel chat
      history web pages from 20 to 50 (mb).

    February 12, 2003

    * Cleaned up the text in some of the email messages that are being sent
      to users when they join projects, change email addresses (mb, kv).
    * Control Panel: Added menu items that point to the list of public
      projects and the FAQ (mb).
    * Public Projects: Made it so that the administrator can change viewable
      areas in both the public and private side (mb).
    * Hidden Projects: Fixed various issues with the Control Panel display
      so that it is accurate (mb).

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