New Server Release

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 17:46:21 CST

There was a new server release today. These changes are already in
the server running at and they are available
for users to download for their own servers.

* VMD Saved States:If the user attempts to save a state this is using a
  local file they are now prompted to upload the file to the BioFS.
  Future views of the state will then use the file from the BioFS (mb).
* Control Panel:Tabs that are denoting "activity" (by changing colors)
  now also have an asterisk appear in front of their name. This was
  required because of the way that the new version of Java on the
  Macintosh handles tabs (rb).
* Control Panel:The state of tabs (whether turned on or off) is now
  saved across Control Panel startups (rb).
* WebDAV:Files saved via WebDAV now send notification to the Control
  Panel (sk).
* Fixed an SQL bug that was causing problems with creation of public
  projects (mb).
* Control Panel:Fixed a bug that was causing the initial window to not
  get redrawn (rb).
* Preferences:Fixed a long-standing bug that would cause Netscape 4.x to
  crash if the window was resized while on a "color chooser" page (dd).
* Changed references from BioCoRE User Agreement to BioCoRE User License

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