biocore-l: Recent BioCoRE Updates

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 16:42:25 CDT

A few (mostly) minor BioCoRE updates that were just released...


* Utilities: Tweaks to "inviting users" and "joining projects" pages.
Made it so that the admins of a project are sent email when users decide
whether or not to accept an invitation.
* BioFS: Webdav now honors the 304 "Use local copy" code, which
should speed accesses of previously accessed files. Before, the server was
just resending the file each time. No need to do that if the user already
has a copy.
* Control Panel: Added in checking to make sure that a user can
actually see file operations (by checking permissions) before notifying
them that something has changed. Before, I was sending out notification of
new files without checking. So, if a user had a directory with permissions
of 700, for instance, others were seeing notification of new files in that
directory. Now they don't.
*Control Panel: Reworked notification of users joining/leaving
projects due to some cases where the Control Panel wasn't being updated
properly. One user had removed themselves from a project, and the Control
Panels (both that user's and others) weren't being updated to reflect this.
  Digging into this uncovered some other inconsistencies with the code that
were also fixed.

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