biocore-l: Recent Changes to the BioCoRE Server at TCB

From: Kirby Vandivort (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 15:00:07 CDT

Recent Changes to the BioCoRE Server that we operate here in the
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics group..

June 16, 2005

* Projects: It is now possible to create a public project without the
requirement of creating a corresponding private project.
* Public Projects: You can now create web pages that are visible to the
entire world. To do these, we suggest doing the following:
    1. In the BioFS folder for the public project, make a subdirectory
where you will store the webpages.
    2. Put the web pages in this directory. The index.html file will be
automatically accessed and you should use relative paths for images, etc.
    3. Access it! If you have named your public project MyProj and you
called your subdirectory www the URL to access it would be:
    4. Permission access is based on the 'other' permissions given in
the file permissions for the file. Permissions for files in public
projects default to "644" which allows anyone to read them. If you have
files in your public project that you don't want to be visible to the
entire world you can change the permissions via the web interface.
* BioFS: The web interface is more tolerant of filenames with non
alphanumeric characters now.
* BioFS: Fixed some bugs where public project files weren't being made
visible to non members.
* Control Panel: A user on Windows XP Pro and Java 1.5 was getting a
warning when starting the CP about a missing command. The Control Panel
now checks for Windows and skips this code.
* Control Panel: URLs of the form are now recognized as
being a URL. Before, was required for recognition.
* Public Projects: Added explicit text at the top of the web pages to
tell the user that they are in a public project.

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