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Christian Kurrer, Benno Nieswand, and Klaus Schulten. Dynamics of synchronous neural activity in the visual cortex. In Teuvo Kohonen, Kai Mäkisara, Olli Simula, and Jari Kangas, editors, Artificial Neural Networks, pp. 133-138. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1991.

KURR91A Recent experiments by Singer et al. have shown synchronous firing activity in the visual cortex of cat among neurons coding similar features. The observations suggest that synchronization may be an important coding principle for information processing in the brain. We have earlier proposed a mechanism for the synchronous neural activity based on a dynamical description of single neurons as excitable elements with stochastic activity. Such weakly coupled neurons can readily develop synchronous firing when subject to coherent excitation, and, thereby, can segment images (figure-ground). In this contribution, we provide further simulations and an analysis of the model and discuss processing capabilities made possible through synchronous neural activity.

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