This plugin reads potential maps stored in Data Explorerer "DX" format used by APBS. It may not read DX-format files produced by other applications, though this could change in the future.


This plugin is used only to read files. VMD does not currently support writing this file type.

Unit Cell
All files are assumed to have an orthogonal unit cell.


   DX potential maps
   Format of the file is:
   # Comments
   object 1 class gridpositions counts xn yn zn
   origin xorg yorg zorg
   delta xdel 0 0
   delta 0 ydel 0
   delta 0 0 zdel
   object 2 class gridconnections counts xn yn zn
   object 3 class array type double rank 0 items [ xn*yn*zn ] data follows
   f1 f2 f3
   f4 f5 f6
   object "Dataset name" class field
   Where xn, yn, and zn are the number of data points along each axis;
   xorg, yorg, and zorg is the origin of the grid, in angstroms;
   xdel, ydel, and zdel are the scaling factors to convert grid units to
   Grid data follows, with three values per line, ordered z fast, y medium,
   and x slow.
   Note: this plugin was written to read the OpenDX files created by the
   APBS program, and doesn't support all of the features in the file format.