As the network was out when we came in on the morning of the 12th of May, we decided that our best course of action was manual labor. And so we mounted a full 24 systems in the main rack, plus two more racks to hold the machines we were working on before.


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Starting Out

This is what we started with on the morning of the 12th.

Mounting Rails

Jim works on the back while Tim (not pictured) works on the front.

Preparing the Systems

We pulled 21 of these systems up today, and had to prepare them all for the rack.

Final Product

24 systems, 48 processors, plus the network switch. There's also two rail kits set up for the serial systems. Not bad looking...

Starting Adjustments

You can also see our old cluster in the back, which is 16 processors in slightly more space than these 48.

Final Product, II

It'll look even better with flashing lights.

Network Wiring

The time had come to ensure that the network cables we had purchased were the right length and the switch was located in the right place. (It all worked.)

Network Wiring, II

Kirby looks on at the wiring.

Bryan in 3508

Obviously, our machine room still isn't ready.

3508 Cabling

This is the leftover cabling from the rooms next door. It'll be a while.

3508 Cabling and Floor

We should at least have a closed floor in a few days...

Klaus and Cluster

A happy Klaus checks out the new cluster.

Pictures by Tim Skirvin

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