BioCoRE is a collaborative work environment for biomedical research, research management and training. A resource-centered platform, BioCoRE offers scientists, working together or alone, a seamless interface to a broad range of local and remote technologies such as discipline-specific and general tools, data, and visualization solutions. To harness and streamline collaborative capabilities across temporal and physical boundaries in research and training, BioCoRE builds on the transparent use of and communication between technological resources (hardware and software) and databases. BioCoRE features powerful yet easy-to-use tools, among them co-authoring papers and other documents, running applications on supercomputers, sharing molecular visualization over the Internet, notifying project team members of recent project changes by email, chatting, keeping a lab book, and other practical features. Secure BioCoRE Login


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Each BioCoRE project has a Link Library where users can store web links to interesting websites. This gives each project a shared "Bookmarks" file where one project member can post a link to a useful website, and other project members can automatically access it.
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