While we were out of space to continue working on clusters up in our primary work space after Day Six or so, we still wanted to get the last cluster ready to go ASAP. To help with this, we called in the help of several grad students (Eduardo, Amy, and Zhu) to assemble the cluster in the basement.


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Unpacking the Boxes

You can see the piles of garbage from our previous cluster expeditions.

More Unboxing

At a cetain point, the biggest obstacle is just volume.

Yet More Unboxing

It gets tedious after a while, but you can see that they're making progress!

Graduate Helpers

They're all in this shot - Zhu, Eduardo, and Amy. Plus a lot of leftover garbage...


He's at least having a good time, it seems...


Starting to install the rack kits for the systems.


Eduardo's working on it too.

Fun with the Rack

If they're posing, they must be having fun!

Kirby Supervises

He'd helped out with the previous clusters, so he knows what he's doing. (It's so easy to become a hardened veteran, eh?)

Kirby Helps

Of course, it's more fun to get your hands dirty.

Inside the Rack

You can at least see some of what's going on in there.

Back of the Rack

...with Eduardo in it.

Rack Kit Assembly

Kirby and Amy continue to chug away.

Smiling Workers

Jim, Eduardo, and Amy take a short break to pose.

Graduate Workers in the Cluster

Eduardo and Amy tirelessly put on rail mount kits.

Pictures by John Stone

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