As the clusters had been ready for weeks, the only thing really holding us up at this point was lack of space. Beckman Institute employees were working tirelessly to get the room converted from an office to a machine room. By the 15th of June, this was as far as they had gotten - which is pretty good!


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Blower Unit

In the hall, it still needed to be installed...

Power Unit

The new big red switch is ours

Network Closet

Where we'll get our ports turned on soon.

Air Conditioners

Dual five-ton Liebert units, waiting to get their chilled water.

Erik and the AC

Erik holds the unit open so I can take a look.

AC Internals, I

This is what it's like on the inside of a Liebert air conditioner.

AC Internals, II

I'm not really sure what I'm looking at, of course...

AC Internals, III

...but it's good to have something to reference in real life.

AC Internals, IV

At least this part makes some sense to my Computer Engineering mind...

Circuit Diagram

...especially with this diagram.


The water's got to go somewhere, eh?

Pictures by Tim Skirvin

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