By the afternoon of the 16th, the room was ready enough to at least put the machines into place, if not actually start running them yet.


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Moving the Second Rack

I didn't get pictures of the First and Third; but this time, we had enough people to help out. (Markus and John)

Rounding the Corner

It was tight, but it fit; the bigger problem was the carpet.

Open Ground

Things improved when we got around the corner... (Mike, Markus, John)

New Home

The clusters will be happy here...

Three Racks

Kirby accidently poses with the second rack, while Jim continues to make adjustments on #3.

Three Racks, II

Kirby continues to pose...

Three Racks, III

...and I continue to try to get the right shot.

Posing with the Racks

Kirby, Tim, Jim; John, Mike Smith, and Mike.

Pictures by Tim Skirvin and Chalermpol Kanchanawarin

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