TCB Gallery / Posters / Biophysical Society Meeting 2004

ATP Hydrolysis

QM/MM study of ATP hydrolysis in F1-ATPase
Markus Dittrich, Shigheko Hayashi, Klaus Schulten


Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Rotation in the Fo sector of ATP synthase
Alek Aksimentiev, Ilya Balabin, Robert Fillingame, Klaus Schulten


Conformation change during simulated rotation of F1-ATPase central stalk
Barry Isralewitz, Emad Tajkhorshid, Klaus Schulten


Molecular Dynamics Studies of SDS Aggregation about Glycophorin-A Transmembrane Helix Dimer
Rosemary Braun, Klaus Schulten

Mechanosensitive Channel Gating

Lipid Bilayer Pressure Profiles and Mechanosensitive Channel Gating
Justin Gullingsrud, Klaus Schulten

MscS Channel

Molecular Dynamics Study of Gating in the Mechanosensitie Channel of Small Conductance MscS
Marcos Sotomayor, Klaus Schulten


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Nanopore Device for DNA Sequencing
Alek Aksementiev, Jiunn Hung, Chuen Ho, Gregory Timp, Klaus Schulten


Mechanical Properties of Ubiquitin Chains
Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi, Tim Isgro, Marcos Sotomayor, Elizabeth Villa, Klaus Schulten

Water Permeation

Theory of water permeation in single_file water channels
Fanqiang Zhu, Emad Tajkhorshid, Klaus Schulten

Lac Repressor

Lac repressor-DNS loop dynamics
Elizabeth Villa, Alexander Balaeff, Klaus Schulten

F1-Atpase Beta-Subunits

Molecular dynamics simulations of isolated beta-subunits of F1-ATPase
Ulrich Kleinekathofer, Barry Isralewitz, Markus Dittrich, Klaus Schulten

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