TCB Gallery / Posters / Biophysical Society Meeting 2010

BAR domain

Simulation of membrane sculpting by BAR domain lattices
Hang Yu, Anton Arkhipov, Ying Yi, Klaus Schulten


UvrD, PcrA and NS3 helicases: searching for a minimal helicase motor
Chris Harrison, Klaus Schulten

Potassium channel

Refinement and validation of atomic models of the Kv1.2 potassium channel through molecular dynamics and gating charge calculations
Fatemeh Khalili-Araghi, V. Jogini, V. Yarov-Yarovoy, Emad Tajkhorshid, Benoit Roux, Klaus Schulten


Excitation transfer of light harvesting complex 2 using dissipative quantum dynamics
Johan Strumpfer, Klaus Schulten


Steered molecular dynamics simulations of unfolding of myosin VI proximal tail domain
Yanxin Liu, Jen Hsin, Hyeong Jun Kim, Anne Houdusse, H. Lee Sweeney, Paul R. Selvin, Klaus Schulten


Dimeric photosynthetic core complex generates tubular curvature in membranes
Jen Hsin, Christophe Chipot, Pu Qian, C. Neil Hunter, Klaus Schulten

Transport in GlpT

Molecular Determinants of the Stochiometry of Transport in GlpT
Giray Enkavi, Emad Tajkhorshid

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