TCB Gallery / Posters / Biophysical Society Meeting 2015

Lung Surfactant Protein A

Unraveling the Dual Role of Surfactant Protein A at Atomistic Details
Boon Chong Goh, Michael J. Rynkiewicz, Francis X. McCormack, Barbara A. Seaton, Klaus Schulten

Neuronal Signaling

Molecular Basis of Neuronal Signaling
Kin Lam, Zhe Wu and Klaus Schulten

Molecular Motor

Resolving Molecular Motor Action
Wen Ma and Klaus Schulten

Ubiquitin Recognition

A Computational Study of Ubiquitin Recognition by the Proteasome Subunit Rpn10
Yi Zhang, Lela Vukovic, Till Rudack, Wei Han, Klaus Schulten

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