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Boon Chong Goh, Jodi A. Hadden, Rafael C. Bernardi, Abhishek Singharoy, Ryan McGreevy, Till Rudack, C. Keith Cassidy, and Klaus Schulten. Computational methodologies for real-space structural refinement of large macromolecular complexes. Annual Review of Biophysics, 45:253-278, 2016. (PMC: PMC5526348)

GOH2015A The rise of the computer as a powerful tool for model building and refinement has revolutionized the field of structure determination for large biomolecular systems. Despite the wide availability of robust experimental methods capable of resolving structural details across a range of spatiotemporal resolutions, computational hybrid methods have the unique ability to integrate the diverse data from multi-modal techniques like X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy into consistent, fully-atomistic structures. Here, commonly employed strategies for computational real-space structural refinement are reviewed, and their specific applications are illustrated for several large macromolecular complexes: ribosome, virus capsids, chemosensory array, and photosynthetic chromatophore. The increasingly important role of computational methods in large-scale structural refinement is discussed, along with current and future challenges.

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