John Stone has always liked a challenge. As a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Rolla, Stone developed ray tracing software on a wide variety of parallel computers. Early on, he collaborated with a fellow graduate student researching hypersonic air flow through jet engines by incorporating his graphics software into a computational fluid dynamics simulation code. For the first time, this allowed his colleague to perform in-place visualizations on the same parallel computer running the simulations, generating images of ongoing simulations in seconds rather than days. A decade later, Stone is still helping scientists uncover nature's mysteries. As Senior Research Programmer for TCB's Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) program, Stone develops state-of-the-art software that helps scientists visualize the structure and dynamics of large biomolecular complexes. Stone's parallel rendering system, Tachyon, is now used to render high quality images and movies within VMD, and is now part of the SPEC MPI2007 benchmark suite.
John Stone


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