The first round of cluster nodes arrived in Beckman on 06 May 2004. Our first indication of this was a fairly panicked phone call from receiving, worried that we had filled up their entire loading dock with 52 machines and two racks... Unfortunately, as our machine room was not yet set up, we didn't have anywhere to put them; all we could do was take some pictures...


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Machines, Load One

The first batch of our systems...

Machines, Load Two

...and the second batch, plus a rack.

Machines, Back

And here's what you see from behind (includes some other systems from Sun that arrived coincidentally)

Machines, Load Three

John shows off our second rack.


Klaus and Jim are shocked by the sheer numbers.

Machines, to Scale

Isn't it fun seeing systems stacked higher than Klaus' height?

Our Cluster, I

Jim, Tim, and Klaus stand amongst the new cluster.

Our Cluster, II

Jim, Tim, and Klaus still stand amongst the new cluster.

Machine Room Floor

This is where the systems would go. Sadly, we don't yet have power, cooling, or network...

Machine Room Ceiling

It's hard to see, but there's still holes in the ceiling.

Machine Room Floor, II

From the other angle. The tiles are there, but aren't ready to go down until power is worked out.

Pictures by Tim Skirvin (most) and John Stone (anything with Tim in it)

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