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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 09:59:20 CDT

  Here's another bounced VMD-L post that the spam filter incorrectly ate.
Raik, we hadn't seen this behavior yet, thanks for the note!

  John Stone

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From: Raik Grunberg <>
Subject: vmd 1.7b1 sequence window disappeares
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just a short note to the vmd programmers: I like vmd's new sequence
browser. However, I might have detected a minor bug there: At least on my
machine (RedHat Linux 7.1, KDE 2.1.2) the sequence window has the funny
property to disappear whenever I switch to another KDE desktop (and back).
This doesn't happen to the other vmd windows. On the other hand, the
sequence window remains active when I switch to a text console e.g. with
That's all. Perhaps somebody out there has observed the same.

Have a nice week!

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