From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 15:04:19 CDT

> If I were
>to guess, I'd say it probably got created with molscript or ribbons?

My guess is molscript.

>There were some old comments in the VMD source code that indicated that
>someone once had a VMD hack that used the Ribbons program to create
>geometry that was then read into VMD, but I've never seen that work,

That way my hack. I really wanted to get ribons into VMD quickly,
so I used ribbons from the Raster3D distribution, and imported the
Raster3D geometry. All ribbons did was generate a thin (0 width)
ribbon. It couldn't be used to make that picture.

I later replaced that hack with the ribon code the VMD currently
has. Actually, part of that code is borrowed (with permission)
from ribbons, and Ethan Merritt borrowed that code from Frodo, which
was one of the first molecular graphics programs. (I had problems
getting the ribbon normal to look good. :)