From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 11:46:10 CDT

Dear VMD-L,
  Since Friday I've helped a few people get the native version of
VMD for MacOS going on their systems, so I thought I'd post the
info needed for people to try it out since more people have been
mailing this morning. In order to complete this process you'll need
to have the MacOS X developer tools on your machine, so you can run
the "Rez" program.

You'll need to first install the VMD distribution just like you
normally would. Once VMD is installed, you will have to run an extra
command to attach the resource file to the vmd_MACOSX binary that is installed.

Without the special resource file, the VMD windows don't get any events
from the windowing system, so it just sits there and ignores mouse clicks...

To attach the resource file (I've attached it to this email), you
need to run this command from within the VMD "library install" directory,
which defaults to /usr/local/lib/vmd, assuming that the VMD resource file
which I've named "vmdmac.r" (attached to this email) is sitting in your
home directory somewhere, run this command:
  /Developer/Tools/Rez -t APPL -o vmd_MACOSX ~/vmdmac.r

We are working on making a nicer MacOS X distribution for the native
version, so these steps are only a temporary measure until we have
a nice package for the native MacOS X version of VMD.

Let us know if you have more questions about getting it up and running.

If you don't get the attached file for some reason, I have also included
it at the end of this note.

  John Stone

-------------------- vmdmac.r cut here ----------------------
data 'MBAR' (128) {
        $"0001 0080" /* ...\200 */

data 'MENU' (128, "Apple") {
        $"0080 0000 0000 0000 0000 FFFF FFFB 0114" /* .\200........\3
77\377\377\373.. */
        $"0A41 626F 7574 2046 4C54 4B00 0000 0001" /* \302About FLTK.
.... */
        $"2D00 0000 0000" /* -..... */

data 'carb' (0) {
---------------- end of vmdmac.r cut here -------------------

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