From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 14:02:38 CDT

Dear Tobias,
  I know what the problem is. In the old versions of VMD, the
sequence browser code used string color names and we later found out
that these string color names aren't available on all platforms, so
we ended up changing the code to prevent exactly this problem. As I
recall, HP-UX was the only platform that exhibited problems.
I've attached a new version of the zoomseq.tcl script that you can
copy into the VMD scripts area of your installation as:
Try that and let me know if you still have any problems.
Please find the new zoomseq script attached (gzipped).

  John Stone

On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 12:41:31PM +0200, Tobias Mandrup Johansen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'am having trouble running vmd on HPUX11, the binary version.
> every time i start the program it writes in the vmd console
> ERROR) Could not read the vmd initialization file -
> ERROR) $env(VMDIR)/scripts/vmd/vmdinit.tcl
> ERROR) Unknown color name "darkgray"
> ERROR) The VMDDIR environment variable is defined in the vmd startup
> script and
> ERROR) should point to the top of the VMD hierarchy. VMD will continue
> with limited functionality.
> in the vmd console the VMDDIR variable is set to /usr/local/lib/vmd
> does anyone know how to fix this?
> Thanks
> Tobias Johansen

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