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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 13:18:51 CDT


> Date: 2 Oct 2002 14:10:16 -0400
> Subject: Re: Native OSX VMD version for 10.2
> From: "tom" <>
> Hi All,
> The OS X bundle seems to work on my powerbook after upgrading to OS10.2.
> However I can't change the size of the display - dragging it produces a
> larger window but the extra area is blank white space and the display stays
> the same.

Yes, this is a bug in the current version VMD, and is likely caused by
a problem with FLTK, though we're in the process of talking to the FLTK
developers to figure out if its our code or theirs still....

> Perhaps I can change it in the vmd startup script, but with the
> 'bundle' I'm not sure where that is. In there's
> that sets a default window size but I edited it with no effect.
> Setting the VMDSCRSIZE by hand has no effect.

There's a special VMDSCRSIZE setting in the startup script now that
is only used by MacOS X bundle installs. You'll find it here:

case *Rhapsody*:
case *Darwin*:
  if ($?TMPDIR == "0" ) then
    setenv TMPDIR /tmp
  set VMD_WINTERM=xterm
  set VMD_WINOPTS='-sb -sl 1000 -e'
  ## Override default window size and position
  setenv VMDSCRPOS "400 200"
  setenv VMDSCRSIZE "512 512"

> I assume that
> /usr/local/bin/vmd, which I have not deleted, is now out of the picture.

Yes, that is no longer relevant.

> So, how do I change the display size?

Modify the special MacOS X section of the startup script rather than
the all-platform settings. Let us know if you still need help.
With any luck we'll get this resizing problem fixed in the next few weeks.

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