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Date: Thu Aug 09 2007 - 16:39:02 CDT

On Fri, 3 Aug 2007 wrote:


AR> Hello:
AR> Please check out the cpmd-vmd.pdf file at:
AR> It seems to be corrupted. Some of the beginning pages are blank, and other
AR> preliminary items are missing as well.

as far as i know, this is only a problem with newer
versions (> 5.0 or so) of acroread. i suggest using evince,
kpdf, xpdf or ghostscript/gv. all of them should work fine.

i tried several ways to identify the origin of the problem
but could not find a simple workaround. i have been asking
before if there was somebody around willing to invest some
time in maintaining and updating those pages. i will gladly
assist in discussing issues and provide the original source
tree. it is an excellent project for somebody with an interest
in understanding the 'spirit' of VMD scripting and a hand
for web design. if more people are interested in contributing
and maintaining those pages, we could host and discuss them,
e.g., biocore.


AR> Warm regards,
AR> Angelo

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