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Date: Fri Sep 14 2007 - 07:46:50 CDT

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dear cristiana,

CCA> Dear all,
CCA> we are using stride to produce secondary structure plots as a function of
CCA> time from MD.
CCA> Some parts of helices are blue-colored but we are not able to find any
CCA> classification for blue secondary structure in VMD manual.
CCA> Do you have any suggestion?

a brief look into the timeline plugin source code reveals, that
the color codes were recently (well, about a year ago) changed
to match the "Structure" colorization scheme.

so if you now open the Graphics->Colors dialog,
select the Category: Structure and the Name: 3_10_Helix
you will see blue being highlighted in the Colors pane.

=> blue should stand for 3-10-Helix.


CCA> thanks
CCA> Cristiana Carelli Alinovi
CCA> Questo messaggio stato spedito da

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