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Date: Sat Jan 26 2008 - 13:29:35 CST

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Tony Sheh wrote:

TS> Hi all,
TS> I've been encountering a general error in VMD running a intel Mac OS X
TS> 10.5.1 machine. whenever i try to switch the molecule representation i get
TS> the following error in Terminal
TS> RCNE SendEventToEventTarget (suom Moved ) failed, -50

did you report this to apple yet? this looks like a lowlevel
problem and thus most likely a problem of the system libraries.

TS> it doesn't seem like this error interferes with anything functionally, but i
TS> can't be sure.
TS> Also, i am trying to visualize XTC format output from a LAMMPS simulation.
TS> The dump file reads in correctly as far as i can see, (correct # of atoms
TS> etc) however, despite running through all the representations, no image
TS> appears on the screen..... has anyone else encountered this problem, and is
TS> there a fix?

please note, that xtc files do not contain any information other
that the coordinates and the cell size (and that one is incorrect
unless you have the latest LAMMPS patches installed).
you have to load "structure" information first, e.g. a .pdf or
a .psf file or something equivalent. there are numerous discussions
about this subject on the mailing list here covering .dcd files.
.dcd has the same content as .xtc so all remarks on .dcd apply to
.xtc just as well.


TS> Tony

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