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Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 09:08:25 CST

On Sun, 27 Jan 2008, Justin JEONG wrote:

JJ> Hello,

hi justin,

JJ> I am learning VMD with the tutorial.
JJ> The tutorial that I am reffering to is located in

this is _not_ a VMD tutorial, but the user's guide. please
have a closer look at the VMD homepage to find real tutorials.

JJ> However, I cannot found something in this toturial, the move procedure.
JJ> In the tutorial, it appeared as "However, to simplify matters some
JJ> options have been added to the selection to deal with movements
JJ> (these commands are also implemented in C++ and are much faster
JJ> than the Tcl versions). These functions are moveby, moveto, and
JJ> move. The first two take a position vector and the last takes a

please note, that you are referring to 'subcommands' to procedures
created by the atomselect command. some of those are implemented as
vmd_atomselect_XXX() procedures, but that is the exception rather
than the rule (as it makes only sense for subcommands that are wrappers
to other subcommands). this is very much related to the way atomselect
is implemented and how VMD in general handles some of its functionality.

perhaps, it might be more useful if you describe, what you are
planning to do with VMD and people here can give you some
recommendations on tutorials or equivalent that can help you
better than just reading the user's guide.

JJ> transformation matrix." I could moveby which is located in the VMD
JJ> directory. /scripts/vmd/geom_center.tcl, but I cannot find moveto

what version of VMD do you have? i cannot find this file in the
recent version.

JJ> and move. Could anyone tell me where these procedures are located
JJ> or how I can get this TCL scripts? Thank you.

all functionality described in the VMD user's guide is contained
in the VMD distribution. what is not in a tcl file is implemented
in c++ (or in python). if you are after tcl scripts with useful
functionality, please have a look at the VMD script library.


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