From: John Stone (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2008 - 10:52:15 CST

  The movies we make locally use a large number of trajectory frames so that
when played at the 24fps frame rate of MPEG-1, they look smooth. Most of the
work here is in deciding how to map one's trajectory to a 24fps movie in
the most successfull way. The movies on our web site were carefully prepared,
often over multiple iterations after experimenting a bit with various
alternatives. If you have a specific question about a specific movie
that you're hoping to emulate, I can provide more tips for you.

  John Stone

On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 02:13:53PM +0100, maria goranovic wrote:
> Dear All,
> When I make movies using the movie plugin from the vmd GUI, I usually get a
> movie where things move quickly, and the trajectory is not very smooth. When
> I look at movies on the webpages of however, I find that the
> movies move very "smoothly".
> I usually use the default settings (MPEG) in the movie maker plugin with a
> snapshot renderer on a linux machine. Can anyone please suggest better
> parameters ?
> Sincerely,
> -Maria
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> Maria G.
> Technical University of Denmark
> Copenhagen

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