From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 06:06:17 CDT

> Matt Watkins wrote:
> > Yes, thanks that works beautifully. So all you materials chemistry type
> > people use 'pbc wrap -nocompound ...'
> In fact, I'm pondering whether to change the default to be "-nocompound"
> instead of "-compound residue" since quite some time, as many newbiew
> questions arise from that.
> The reason for the default is, that the "original" wrapping code used
> it, and I didn't dare to simply change it.
> So, what do you, i.e. the other users and developers of pbctools, think
> of changing the default?

whatever choice you make, there will always be people that find this unexpected.

just think about all the "bio-people" that will have their water
molecules "chopped"
when you make -nocompound the default (and complain about it).

it is the privilege of the maintainer of a package to choose.

BTW, it may be convenient to include an -updatebonds (default off) flag
that will call 'mol bondsrecalc <mol>' after the (final) wrap.


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