From: zhjjvmd (
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 20:58:15 CDT

Dear all,

I am rookie at VMD, recently I want to load the attached Tcl script "pdbofactor.tcl", which is wrote by Axel Kohlmeyer (U Penn). I open the Tcl console from vmd' main menu°™Extensions°™TK console, and enter such command and then encounter such errors as follows:

Main console display active (Tcl8.4.1 / Tk8.4.1)
(vmdcsp) 1 % source /home/zhjj/work/vmdcsp/pdbofactor.tcl
>Main< (vmdcsp) 2 % ./pdbofactor.tcl dump.csp.pdb
./pdbofactor.tcl: line 5: proc: command not found
./pdbofactor.tcl: line 6: mol: command not found
./pdbofactor.tcl: line 27: syntax error: unexpected end of file
>Main< (vmdcsp) 3 %

So will anybody could give me some instruction how to solve it? Thank you!

Best regards,