From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sun Apr 06 2008 - 23:50:58 CDT

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008, Peter Hains wrote:


since you are already suffering through some unsual
problems, perhaps you may want to add one more to it. :)

please find attached a non-csh version of the vmd startup
script that i wrote a while ago (i'm not a big fan of csh
scripting as it has some serious shortcomings).

if you gunzip the file and make it executable with
chmod +x and then put it into the same directory as
the vmd script (you may need to adapt the first few lines).
if you then execute it should work just as a
properly working regular vmd script. it was doing well on
redhat/fedora and suse machines that i got to test it on.

PH> Hi again,
PH> thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the help and again I know it's art
PH> of a learning curve. I've installed tcsh (ver 6.15.00) as I couldn't install
PH> a version of csh. (I did try by running sudo apt-get install csh, but I was
PH> essentially told the "Package csh has no installation candidate").

on linux machines /bin/csh is usually a symbolic link to /bin/tcsh.

PH> So, I've installed tcsh. Just to be paranoid, I re-installed VMD. I now get

re-installing VMD makes no difference (you are not using windows ;) ).

PH> the following error:
PH> META_CLASS: Undefined variable
PH> Some searching suggested it may be the version I had installed (I originally
PH> had 6.14 installed). I've got the same issue with ver 6.15.00. To my
PH> inexperienced eye, this appears to be related to tcsh rather than VMD. So if
PH> this is off topic for the VMD list, could you point me to where I may be
PH> able to find assistance?

i'd try to check out whether there are any updates to your distribution.
this sounds a lot like a typo in one of the /etc/profile.d/ scripts.


PH> Thanks again,
PH> Peter

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