Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 13:39:20 CST

Dear All

I red some e-mail from this list asking for help in creating/rendering STL
format files (I think an april e-mail).
Actually, the version I have installed and running (1.8) is able to create STL
files when surface (surf) mode is chosen. But thatīs all.
If I select cartoon mode or other one (most of them) the STL is generated not
completely (I mean, in the cartoon, just helices and strands are generated -
not coils/turns) or even worse, in the VDW mode, nothing is created. The shell
indicates that only triangles are going to be interpreted (are not all of them
triangles ?)

Iīd like to ask if there is some manner to bypass this, if this is normal (or
known), or if there is some other software/script (meanwhile) that I can use
while this feature is solved or something like.

Any help will be very welcome.
Thanks in advance

Frank Alarcon

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