From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2008 - 18:40:41 CDT

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Cojocaru,Vlad wrote:

dear vlad,


VC> Then I took the surf from the source of vmd-1.8.6. However when I
VC> tried to compile I got the error attached to this email. I may guess

first you should remove those includes. no regular application
should need kernel or compiler intrisic header files. if at all
they should be included from the regular headers in /usr/include.

VC> that there are some incompatibilities with the gcc 4.2 compiler. On
VC> my previous OS (SUSE 10.0) I managed to compile SURF without
VC> problems but with an earlier version of gcc.

VC> Which version of gcc do you use for compilation ? If you use 4.2,
VC> did you encounter such problems with SURF ?

i have 4.1.2, john's may be older. please find attached the
modifications that i use. they should be mostly included in
what was in 1.8.6.


VC> Or maybe I should just take the SURF binary from the vmd-1.8.6 distributed binaries for LINUXAMD64??

yes. that is definitely simpler. surf has not been changed since.

some more hints on compiling from scratch and modifications
should be in the fedora rpm specs that i uploaded to the VMD
public biocore. it may not all apply to SUSE, but you should
be able to translate this.


VC> Thanks again
VC> Best wishes
VC> vlad