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Date: Thu Apr 24 2008 - 08:15:59 CDT

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, andrea spitaleri wrote:

AS> Hi all,

hi andrea,

the screen size can be overridden with environment variables
(should be documented somewher in the user's guide), you can
hack the vmd startup script to use different defaults or - if
you are as lazy as me - can put the following into your .vmdrc:

after idle {
  display resize 600 600

i also put "menu tkcon on" into this "after" block as well.

AS> this is a very easy question. I noticed that in my laptop bearing
AS> nvidia 8600 gsm (1280x800) "vmd-windows" behaves differently
AS> depending on the SO. Under windows, the windows are okay whereas
AS> under Linux when I start vmd, it opens with huge "OpenGL display"
AS> and "main window" taking the whole screen. I need every time to

the VMD Main window as well?? that one cannot be resized
horizontally. if that happens, it is likely that you have
a broken window manager (there are some _really_ broken ones

AS> resize it in order to work. My xorg.conf is set to use 1280x800
AS> resolution and from the log it is okay. I encountered similar
AS> problem with gtk program (as gimp) but I overtaken installing gtk-qt
AS> engine (i am using slackware with kde). any help is very appreciated


AS> thanks in advance
AS> andrea

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