From: Alexandre A. Vakhrouchev (
Date: Sat Jun 07 2008 - 00:15:05 CDT

Hi all!

I have a strange question: why not all options of Tcl commands are
documented in User Guide? For example I found "measure dipole ..."
option typing commands in Tcl/Tk console, but it was not described at

Best regards,
Dr. Alexander Vakhrushev
Institute of Applied Mechanics
Dep. of Mech. and Phys.-Chem.
of heterogeneous mediums
UB of Russian Academy of Sciences
34 T. Baramzinoy St.
Izhevsk, Russia 426067
С уважением,
 Вахрушев Александр Александрович
к.ф.-м.н., с.н.с.
Институт прикладной механики
Уральского Отделения
Российской Академии Наук
426067, г. Ижевск
ул. Т. Барамзиной 34