From: Nicolas Sapay (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2008 - 17:11:45 CDT

Gerald Mathias wrote:
> Dear list,
> i'm trying to render density isosurfaces, which are colored by a second
> density. However, the color information seems not be passed to the renderers
> (i checked the inputs) and surfaces come out plain white.
> I've tried both tachyon-0.98b and povray. To simplify things I also tried
> rendering "color by volume" VdW spheres and plain volume slices with the same
> result.
> Is there support for this feature in vmd for other renderers besides the
> obvious 'snapshot'?
> Cheers,
> Gerald
Actually, I've got a similar problem. Ideally, I want to average volume
slices over the x axis, then plot it with GNUplot, Mathematica, ... I
can probably make it with a single slice extracted from the center of
the system, though. Is there a tool to average/extract a slice in VMD?
Or at least is there a doc explaining the DX format?