From: Eric H. Lee (
Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 14:42:18 CDT

Michal -

I have not used this feature of multiseq, but you can check out the
NAMD tutorial at

I believe it includes a TCL script for RMSD per residue that you can
run separately on your structures. That should give you the output
you need, albeit in a roundabout way.

On Jun 30, 2008, at 10:19 AM, Michal Kolinski wrote:

> Dear Users.
> I have two structures of different models of the same protein after
> MD simulation (these two models were created using different
> templates). I obtained plots of RMSD per residue using MultiSeq
> which can be saved only in .ps format. How can I extract the exact
> values of RMSD per residue calculated using MultiSeq. Could you
> please give me some sugestions how to treat this problem?
> Thank you in advance.
> Michal

Eric H. Lee
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