From: John Stone (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2008 - 01:46:53 CDT

  Can you send me an email with the images in question?
I'm happy to give you suggestions on getting good results
from VMD/Tachyon. One question I have that may elucidate your
problem is whether or not you're using depth cueing, and also
whether you ran the rendering manually (outside of VMD) or
automatically from the VMD File->Render menu item.

  John Stone

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 11:06:30AM -0700, Lixia Jin Day wrote:
> I redered my figure using tachyon, then re-rendered it with tachyon_WIN32. Since the figure has a black background, the figure after re-rendering looks very dark. I tried a couple options but didn't get a good result. Do you know what is the best option to render a black background figure using tachyon? Thank you!
> Lixia

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