From: bo liu (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 02:35:18 CDT

Dear All,

My questions:

*1. I have generate a distance volmap using VolMapTool, then, how to render
publication quality graphics with VMD?*

I have experimented VMD's rendering features: snapshot, tachyon, and POV3.
but none of them provides desirable pictures. Tachyon or POV3 even generates
completely blank graphs... i don't know what's going wrong...
Any suggestions?

*2. how to quary informations on the volmap data, say, distance between two
points, when the data is shown by volumnSlice ? how to draw a distance
scale on the rendering?*
I wish seasoned users could help me develop my skills working with VMD!

Thanks for advance!


-Liu bo
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